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From Norway: Emathea

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JJ Rocks Article # 86: From Norway: Emathea
I wish I would have known what this band sounded like before I cranked up my system to hear their song Suck n Drain! Then I would have strapped myself to my chair because it nearly knocked me to the floor! The powerful sounds coming from this heavy rock band from Norway called Emathea hit me in the chest with such intensity that I am just now catching my breath. This is what a power rock band should sound like and they should be used as a template by any young high energy musicians out there that are looking to design a formula that will bring down the house.

With Chris on vocals, Kelly on guitars, Zellman on bass, Jaizen on drums, Carzten on guitars, and Gerry on keyboards, Emathea delivers a wide range of sounds and textures ranging from dreamlike keyboards and pristine acoustic guitars to cannon sounding drums, hard driving bass, and crunching power chords. And when you add a vocalist with the intensity of any of the worlds greatest rock singers along with tasteful guitar solos, you come up with a recipe that will please the palettes of anyone who desires to feast on balls to the wall power, articulate musicianship, and a drive that will leave breathless.
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You can check out their music at this link: