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From Wales: Amy Wadge

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JJ Rocks Article # 88:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 20, May, 2008
Theres a current of cool air gently blowing out of Wales in the United Kingdom that carries a fresh breath of vocal originality and deep heartfelt composition that rivals many of the great songwriters of this century. And with a delivery and aura that is instantly addictive, Amy Wadge captures and holds on to anyone who listens to her music all the way to the last bar. There is a new superstar rising and her light will soon be seen and heard around the world.

When I first heard Amys music I was instantly drawn to her voice like a moth to a porch light. And then her lyrics spoke to me like an aging poet who has felt the roundness of the world beneath her feet. But to my surprise she is a very young and beautiful woman that composes music that has all the taste and finesse of a finely aged wine. And I know that one day her CD will sit in my favorites collection right next to Joni Mitchells Hejira where it will reside in the company that it truly deserves.

So please visit her site and be prepared to have her incredible voice and songwriting wanting you turn up the volume and turn down the lights. Amy Wadge has kind of talent and perfection that keeps our website motivated to seek out independent artist and spread their music over the world.

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