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From San Francisco, USA: Rose Moore

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JJ Rocks Article # 89:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 21 June, 2008
I love music that has a real world sound. And even though the artist featured in this article doesnt list that genre on her site, the song that I liked the most in her collection was Refugee which has several international influences and inspired me to write about this fine vocalist from San Francisco. And with a vocal tone and smoothness that rivals many famous singers; Rose Moore has found a way of combining those qualities with unique arrangements to come up with a killer formula.

The song Refugee opens up with what sounds like Tablas and a horn like instrument that give you an impression of music from India. But when the vocals come in they remind me of melodies of African origin and the song takes on a form of its own. I was very impressed by the overall originality of this piece and I feel that its very well suited for a scene in a movie. It reminded me of some of the music from the newer version of The Time Machine that was played in the background when they were showing where the Eloi lived. I was floored by the crossover effect of that music and I think that this young ladys music is just as good. Rose Moore has a great blend of fine vocal abilities and original compositions that would enhance any visual production. Her music should be explored by the movie industry. But dont let these comments take you down a one way street with Rose Moore because some of her other songs would do very well on pop radio and Im sure that she does great in concert. I just happen to see theatrical value in songs like Refugee.

So lets all welcome Rose Moore to our family of featured USA Spotlight Zone artist by visiting her at the link below. Im sure that you will appreciate her talents and originality. And who knows, you just might hear her music in an upcoming movie!

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