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From New Jersey, USA: Trench

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JJ Rocks Article # 90:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 21 June, 2008

New Jersey has always been known for having great rock bands and the one that we are featuring in this article seems to be doing a fine job at carrying the torch that lights the way for anyone who is looking for a gutsy, down to earth, in your face, kick ass Rock / Alternative group. And with an essence of garage sounding bands like The Ramones and Mc5, these guys will drive you to the max with their high energy sound. The band Im talking about is called Trench and they will rock you raw!

Trench isnt one of those rock bands that try to show musical virtuosity from each of its members. Its obvious by their music that they are more concerned with working together as a unit like bricks forming four walls of Rock solid sound that surround and capture their audiences and leave them screaming for more. And even though on an individual basis they are excellent musicians and vocalist, this writer is more impressed by their overall sound and powerful drive that would bring down any house that invites Rock n Roll through its doors.

So if you are ever in the New Jersey area dont forget to look up the band Trench and tell them that St. Croix Music Magazine sent you. And we hope that our readers in 59 countries who love straight ahead traditional power Rock and Alternative will check them out at their site thats listed below. Rock on!

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