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From Tokyo, Japan: Ryo Utasato

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JJ Rocks article # 275: From Tokyo, Japan: Ryo Utasato

When it comes to music that fits movies or TV soundtracks, as of this date, there is no better than Ryo Utasato from Japan on The Spotlight Zone. And it's hard to think of anyone topping her in her selected genre. Someone out there may join the site that is just as good in this style of music, but because of her unique formula I can't picture them being any better, only different.

Dorothy and I watch many movies and a lot of TV, so we hear a lot of soundtracks. And every time we listen to Ryo’s music we often wonder why she is not featured on some of them. But I know in her country she has many accomplishments in that field. When I play music from Ryo Utasato I can just imagine unlimited scenes from movies and TV that I have either viewed and can be improved by her music, or ones that I can only imagine where she enhances the scene to it's highest level. Either way, in my opinion, she is the best independent musician that I have ever heard in her style at this time because of her wonderful balance between the picturesque instrumental and vocal elements in her incredible compositions.

Please stop by her profile and show some love. My favorite is "TITAN". What is yours?
Here is her link:

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