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From Miami, Florida: Bottles Belafonte

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JJ Rocks Article # 91: From Miami, Florida: Bottles Belafonte


Its like a fresh breath of air to hear a Hip Hop artist out there that doesnt think that he has to use the worlds foulest language in every line of their songs. Now I realize that points have to be made and freedom of expression must prevail, but the artist that Im featuring in this article seems to realize that all age groups listen to his music so he maintains a great balance between subject matter that is not offensive and adding just the right amount of adult spice when its needed. And its all delivered in musical productions that are very smooth and professional. This great Hip Hop artist from Florida is Bottles Belafonte.

I was immediately drawn towards his tasteful choice of musical arrangements that used velvety toned vocalist laying down soulful background singing along with the grooves that changed from song to song which kept me listening with interest. When he started to Rap there was a sense of relaxation and control in his voice that differed from the usual in your face frantic rappers that bring themselves to our attention every month. And the first song that I heard act like friends had my attention right from the start and I could tell the Bottles Belafonte was a class act with professional qualities and not just someone who thinks Hip Hop and Rap should just be street talk tracked over the beat of a cheap drum machine. This man puts quality first.

So lets all welcome Bottles Belafonte to our family of featured musical artist by visiting him at his site located through the following link. And while you are there please thank him for giving Hip Hop the respect and quality that it deserves.

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Link to his music: