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From India: Ajit Singh

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JJ Rocks Article # 92:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 21 June, 2008

Ever since I was a child when we had people from India living in the downstairs apartment of our row house in Baltimore, I have been fascinated with the aroma of incense and curry and captivated with the magical sound of Sitar music. So when I heard the incredible Ajit Singh my memory files were reopened to a time when an 8 year old inner city boy got the chance one day to feel relief from the heat waves of steaming summer sidewalks and was invited into the home of my foreign neighbors. And as my buddies on the street were trying to pry open a fire hydrant I was sitting in a cool room with walls of silk with flowing colors listening to Sitar music for the first time. I have now been taken back to these wonderful memories by the sounds of Ajit Singh. His music is now blending with incense that rides on the soft Caribbean breeze that flows through our home here in paradise.

There are many peaceful emotions that come from the hands of this Sitar virtuoso. And with the help of his friend and young Tabla master Dinesh Pandey, Im taken on a magic carpet ride of traditional Indian classical and folk music that flies my heart and soul on a journey to many musical moods where technical excellence meets musical poetry. Ajit is an example of the kind of expertise and uniqueness in music that keeps me writing these reviews each month and keeps renewing my faith in the world of independent musicians. It doesnt get any better than this.

Please visit him on his site by clicking on this link. Then you too can be uplifted into musical paradise

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