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From Czech Republic: NightWork

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JJ Rocks Article # 93:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 21 June, 2008

In Prague, Czech Republic there is a band that is carrying the torch that is fueled with the traditions of classy night club acts of the late 70s, smooth R+B vocals, and an overall sound that makes me want to hang a mirror ball in my living room and pour a cocktail. Now this may draw visions of disco from your memory banks, but when you add other elements like expert musicianship, unique changes in their arrangements, and a touch of theatrical and circus like atmosphere, you wind up with something far from the typical disco sound. You get NightWork!

At first I though they were just keeping up the flame that was once my full time living around 30 years ago. I immediately got flashbacks of dressing up to the max and going to work 6 nights a week in front of jammed dance floors and flashing lights. But as I kept listening I could hear very original twist and turns in their arrangements that show a lot of creativity and superb vocals as they sang in their native language. And as I viewed their pictures I could see a show band approach to their presentation and visual image from their use of many costumes and makeup. All these elements combined together convinced me that this band was definitely worth writing about. NightWork has the perfect balance between drive, expert musicians, world class vocals, and professional showmanship. I would love to see them in concert!

So we are proud to welcome NightWork into our family of featured artist here in paradise. And we hope that our readers in 59 countries will visit them at their link at the bottom of this article. Dont forget to put on your dancing Shoes!

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