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From Trinidad: Sons of Zion

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JJ Rocks Article # 94:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 21 June, 2008

Ive always had a fondness for roots Reggae. There are many bands that use a Reggae type feel and thats cool with me because I also have some songs with that type of groove. But real roots Reggae has to have a certain level of authenticity to be the real deal and this band from Trinidad certainly has the right formula. They are called Sons of Zion and Ive been grooving to some of their tunes for the last hour.

Consisting basically of two male vocalists with background musicians, Sons of Zion carry on a tradition that has been vibrating from this chain of islands for many years. And within their music there are many messages of love, religion, and social conditions that many people are faced with in day to day life. I was particularly fond of their song Ghetto Cries which not only carried a strong message but also featured fine vocal interplay between Curtis and Andrae who are the heart and soul of Sons of Zion. And with tight arrangements, great singing, and a true roots sound, it is a pleasure to have them featured in our International Spotlight Zone column.

So if you like real Reggae music check out this cool group from our most southern island and Im sure that you will know what they mean when they say Jah is God, God is love, and love is nice. Please visit them by clicking on the following link. Then get ready to groove and be moved.

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