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Musically Speaking : Fooling your Audience

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JJ Rocks Article # 95: Fooling your audience

We all at one time or another in our lives wear a mask to conceal something or pretend to be someone that we are not. This happens every day in all walks of life. But there is a big difference between an occasional masking of ones true self and living like that on a daily basis. And even down here in paradise we have many examples of people pretending to be what they are not as a lifestyle.

 For instance theres the Cane Bay area which is a wonderful place to hang out, but has its own occasional little imported group of want to be locals with bandanas tied to their heads and palm tree shirts who for some reason think thats what they should look like on a Caribbean island. The local Crucians find this very humorous and just try to stay out of the way of their speeding rental jeeps and being called "Dude". Many of these tattooed parrotless pirates wind up living here and continue to live in their own little fantasy that has an obvious transparency that can be noticed by anyone who was born here or lived on this island for many years. They have set their own little stage and are fooling their very little audience because the majority is this island doesnt act or think that way. Maybe they have just seen to many reality shows on TV.

This type of behavior is also very present in the music world where fooling audiences is an ongoing problem that mainly radiates from those who spend more time talking the talk than walking the walk. I personally feel that music is an art form that should be presented in the best of ones ability. But we still have guys strumming the same old three chord songs that they have been doing for years and the only improvement in their skills seems to be in their talent of constantly naming people that they like and spreading rumors about the ones that they dont. This is a sign of insecurity in their own musical accomplishment and is frowned upon by any musician who worked hard to develop their skills. I certainly dont loose sleep over it.

Then there are the pretend to be musicians who dedicate all of their time to mimicking licks from tabs and recordings but bypass the basic fundamental theory of music. This will fool a bar crowd into thinking that they are good but is a dead end street when it comes to communicating with serious musicians and no band of professional quality will ever hire them. But if they are happy having their egos overpowering their musical abilities then thats their business. I just find it fun to write about. When it comes to students, if I find one who is more interested in copying a certain technique from their guitar idols and not at all concerned about what makes music tick then I show them the door. I want no connection with my school and these kinds of starry eyed ego feeders.

And so the world of the pretender lives on. I guess its just part of human nature and should be expected from those who dont want to put in the work to achieve their goals but only talk themselves and their audiences into believing that they are the real deal. As for me, Ill continue to try my best to achieve my personal non capitalistic goals with my music, students, and this web site. At least I can say that I wake up happy and I go to sleep the same way.
Not pretending.

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