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From California, USA: Olio

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JJ Rocks Article # 97:
From LA, California: Olio

If you are in a band from LA it is not the same as being local musical stars in small town America. The competition is beyond belief when it comes to getting noticed or even harder, getting signed. And after having a chance to be a producer at Gold Star studios in Hollywood (home of The wrecking Crew), I saw first hand how much talent was in that area. So when it comes to choosing a band to write about from that land of musical plenty, I choose very carefully. And my first choice this month for our USA Spotlight Zone is a trio called Olio from Los Angeles and they are one hot ticket!

Unlike some so called power trios that pound out walls of three chord chaos, Olio is a more refined group that has a great balance between Rock, Soul, and Pop, all wrapped up in a package of freshness and originality. Their sound is clean cut, precise, and tasteful like pieces of ear candy with no unnecessary fillers that can bind up our musical intake valves. And each new song that I heard was very different from the previous cut showing that they have a great sense of adventurism in their compositional skills. This also shows in their lyrics that evoke a wide variety of picturesque images in the mind of anyone who insist on a good story inside of great music. And as far as players, they are all top shelf!

I personally like Soccer Mom because of its balance between humor, coolness, and balls to the wall drive! And with Arif on vocals and guitar, DeHaven on drums, and Matt on bass, Olio kicks out just the right mixture of a driving rock feel, soulful R+B grooves, and catchy pop sounds that leave you wanting more after each song. Great work guys!
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