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From Amsterdam: Jim Spector

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JJ Rocks Article # 98: From Amsterdam: Jim Spector


In this modern day world of everyday stress ranging from war to global warming, inner tensions can rise to a point where you might think there is no relief. But there are many of us who realize that music can be at least a temporary escape from the negativity of every day life. And the ones who provide this vacation in the form of sound waves play an important role in the entire musical spectrum. Some are good and some are great at their craft. The man that Im about to tell you about is at a higher level than the two that I just mentioned. His name is Jim Spector and his music will float your tensions away.

When I first heard Jims music I was impressed by the fact that he did not try to steal the spotlight with a lot of high tech guitar playing. Instead he laid down some very touching harmonic beds for melodies by flutes and other instruments to rest and venture upon. And as they gently tosses and turned out lines that were so sweet and captivating that I couldnt leave my chair, my attention was then drawn towards some of the most tasteful emotional acoustic guitar phrases that I have ever heard. The music of Jim Spector is so well designed that it is immediately taken for granted to be great then evaluated afterwards. And that has to be one of the greatest goals in any musical genre.

This mans technique is flawless while maintaining a modesty that should be respected by any guitarist whose goal is to melodically pace themselves and still show their ability to master their instrument. And when you add the facts that Jim totally changes moods and colors from song to song while still musically painting the same overall picture of his intent, you suddenly realize what the meaning of true genius is.

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