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From Alaska, USA: Kalai

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JJ Rocks Article # 101: From Alaska, USA: Kalai

I must start out by saying that this artist is one of the finest singer/songwriters that I have ever had the pleasure to write about. His originality and creativity are on the same scale as the great Joni Mitchell and I have not been moved like this since the days of her early albums. And the artist that inspires me to write such bold statements is Kalai from Anchorage Alaska. I am now totally hooked on his music.

The first song that I heard from Kalai was She and I still am feeling the effects of being taken to another musical planet where creativity thrives. It gave me the feeling as if I was hovering over the typical and earthly A-A-B-A arrangements and being led through a different melodic world that kept inviting me to replay every song over and over. This is obviously a sign that there is a new horizon in music that is viewed from a fresh and highly artistic approach that gives you the unexpected, and security as a listener at the same time. In other words even though Kalais music takes you where no musical ears have gone before, it also contains elements that are very familiar. This makes a perfect musical Yin Yang balance where safety, familiarity, and creative exploration hold hands like you and your first love.

Technically speaking Kalai sings with a very personal character and tone while nailing his intervals like a master carpenter. And his guitar skills lean toward the creative and not the over technical. He obviously has a love for R+B, but there are also some folk influences in his sound. We have had that type of blend come through our publication before but none of them have had the impact of Kalai. So I personally think that its not just the influences that make up his music, although they are obviously part of the equation. I feel that he has chosen a balance of musical elements within his heart where he has created his own musical recipe that has his listeners standing in line for an all you can eat contest. The bottom line is that I want to hear as much of Kalais music that I can. And if you go to the link that I provided at the end of this article Im sure that you will feel the same way. There is only one Kalai and he is incredible!

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