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From California, USA: Dan Sindel

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JJ Rocks Article # 102:
From St. Music Magazine, Issue # 23, August, 2008
The guitarist that Im writing about in this article has to be having a blast with the projects that he works on! He is taking entire scores from Handel and other classical composers and transcribing them note for note to fit the range of the guitar. He lays down layer after layer of guitar tracks that cover every part from these great classical arrangements that sound like a symphony of six stringers. And the man who transcribed and played all of the parts on these works of art is Dan Sindel from Los Angeles, and Im really enjoying his fresh approach to orchestral guitar pieces.

Even though Dans Classical pieces are performed with the utmost accuracy and taste, my favorite tracks by this great guitarist are the marches by John Philip Sousa. He has achieved the goals of being very artistic as a musician while still maintaining a pleasant amount of musical humor in his interpretations of these great pieces that have been heard at parades and events around the world. But most of all they are fun to listen to and thats what makes me get off the couch and play them on my stereo! I am anxious to hear what Dan Sindel has in mind for his next musical exploration. What ever it is Im sure that it will be accurately interpreted, tastefully phrased, meticulously performed, and contain all the drama, excitement, and humor that the original composers intended for the listeners ears. And with Dan using many kinds of guitars, amps and pedals, you can be sure that there will be a large variety of sounds and textures within these very complex musical masterpieces.

So we welcome Dan Sindel to our family of great artist and we know that any musician out there who has tried to transcribe classical of other famous historical pieces of music to the guitar will love the work that he is doing. Please take some time to visit Dan at the link below and show your appreciation for his music by sending him a message. This kind of hard work and dedication to music has to be noticed by the whole world.

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