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From California USA: LuvPlanet

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JJ Rocks Article # 103:
When I was 15 years old and took off on the road to find my musical bliss, I wound up at an event called The 1969 LA teen Fair in Los Angeles where I heard bands from up and down the coast of California. And I can remember the groups that were from the northern part of the state and how they just blew me away! All these years later every once in a while I come across a band that has the same quality and originality of those musical giants from long ago. But the band that Im going to tell you about not only has the ingredients of those ground breaking California groups, but also mixes their own creativity with the essence and spice of the newest bands that are known world wide. So please let me introduce you to Luvplanet!

Luvplanet is a top notch group of musicians and singers who hold on to a northern California tradition that consist of incredible musicianship, strong unique vocals, and great songs with a statement, while also adding flavors of modern day rock legends. They seem to boil their musical backgrounds down to the basic elements and then renovate them like a San Francisco Town house that displays ideas from the past, present, and future. This allows my ears to venture into the many rooms of their influences where they cook up their recipes. This tasteful formula that Luvplanet has created keeps my musical mental condition in balance, unlike the modern day mechanical pop songs that infest me like a bad tick season.

With Nicole Sutton on guitar and vocals, Mark McGee on guitar and vocals, Tommy Sisco on bass, and Scott McKenzie on drums, Luvplanet gives you the whole package when it comes to the perfect balance between great playing and something fresh to listen to. So if you want the real deal when it comes to classic rock influences mixed with modern day compositional innovations, superb instrumental chops, and cool catchy choruss that hook you like your favorite habit, please visit the link below to experience Luvplanet! You will be glad that you did.

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