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From Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia: Andrew Mann and Mantra

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JJ Rocks article # 276: From Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia: Andrew Mann and Mantra

Wow! What can I say? What a voice and songwriting! Well, thats just part of the equation when it comes to Andrew Mann and Mantra from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Not only is Andrew a super talented guy, but he is also a very active member of The Spotlight Zone. He is here almost everyday, and the other musicians really love his music. I have been looking forward to writing about him.

Andrew and his group Mantra have found the perfect place between rock and pop music. Its not ear shattering bar rock meant for over intoxicated teens, and its not exactly overly sweet pop built to reach the general public. His music displays great musicianship, balance, and strong composition while still reaching out to people as if he already knew them. It is personal, heartfelt, artistic, and of course, it kicks BUTT!

I think what I like the most about Andrew Mann and his very solid and professional band is whenever I sit back and crank up my sound system listening to his music, it leaves me always wanting to come back for more! And I find myself hours later singing his tunes around the house and wondering what his next new song will be like. I used to think that way about some of my other musical favorites, and now its Andrews music. That sounds like a good sign to me. In a day and age where rock and pop music have seemed to head towards their own corners, Andrew Mann stands on his own ground in center ring. Rock music still has class!
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