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From Ontario, Canada: 5th Projekt

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JJ Rocks Article # 104: From Ontario, Canada: 5th Projekt

There is a current of fresh and cool ambient air flowing down from Canada that carries sound waves that reflect nature, romanticism, and musical freedom that defines the word independent. And the other morning I took a deep breath of this music as it reached all the way down to paradise and immediately heard a symphony of unlimited harmonic and melodic possibilities. And as I listened to each song I then realized that it was time for me to become a dedicated listener to this band that shines like a new penny and sounds like a million bucks. Im now a fan of 5th Projekt from Toronto, Ontario Canada and Im sure it wont be long before you are.

The music produced by 5th Projekt sounds as if it would fit like a glove as a movie soundtrack that has a very original plot and features many nature scenes. But thats just one application of their unique sound. I can also imagine collage students around the world chilling out in their dorms and listening to the many pastels of sounds on a 5th Projekt CD as they let the music whisk them away into their own musical images. Basically speaking this music is for anyone who wants something very fresh and original with flavors of old Jefferson Airplane, Sweetwater, 10,000 Maniacs, and Pink Floyd. But these are not accurate references because genuine originality defies description. And in my opinion 5th Projekt has definitely built their very own musical mold with great instrumentation and incredible vocals, not to mention that they have been nominated as the best new Indie band by the Ontario Independent Music Awards!

We would like to welcome 5th Projekt to our family of bands that we promote from our home here in paradise. Im sure that many of our readers around the world will love their very independent style of music and their highly polished professionalism. You can visit them and listen for yourself at the link below. My favorite song of theirs is DISTRAKTid, but Im sure that I will have new favorite 5th Projekt tunes as I keep listening and enjoying all of their music

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Here is a link to their music: