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From Jamacia: Louinel Jean

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JJ Rocks Article # 105: From Jamaica: Louinel Jean

Wow! Sometimes music just comes right into our guestbook pages (of our previous site) and after I hear it there are no questions asked. Thats because I know to trust my gut first, and then listen for musicianship and all the other qualities that are in the music. And with the arrival of this superb Reggae artist from Jamaica in our magazine I wound up having my musical cake and eating it to, and thats after hearing only the first few measures. The name of the artist is Louinel Jean and his musical talents have all the elements of being a very polished Reggae performer along with having great compositional skills.

Like many Jamaican artists Louinel seems to be influenced by Bob Marley and Steele Pulse along with many others. But his original qualities match his early influences because his songs have a very well blended mix of the music that first stole his heart, and the musical goals that he has finally achieved. This kind of quality and authenticity is what makes Louinels music so loveable on the international playing field. Along with not straying too far from a roots Reggae sound, he has managed to show us his creative and artistic individuality while also displaying his desire to connect with the people. And if you add meaningful and touching lyrics to the mix, you wind up with a Reggae formula that has not only received the attention of this publication, but also has a sound that I know would be loved on this side of paradise and all points between.

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You can hear his music at this link: