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From Brazil: Astronomusic

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JJ Rocks Article # 106: From Brazil: Astronomusic

Think of a type of music with so many textures and colors that it takes you away from the ordinary and changes your channels to a brand new musical experience. Then just imagine a piece of music that projects pictures of adventurous and emotional journeys into your soul as you sit back and close your eyes. Now picture that the musical part of you is taken on a totally different trip that flirts with your appreciation of equal amounts of great taste and technique. That’s when you will discover that your ticket says “Destination Brazil” and “Prepaid” by a band called Astronomusic.

If someone were to ask me “what is your favorite music”, I would have to say, “It depends on my mood”. But if someone else asked me what kind of music I think is the most important to me then I will definitely say, “Progressive and experimental”. That’s because I personally feel that this kind of music is here for a reason. And while some styles are created to motivate you enough to shake your butt, others are designed to stimulate your mind and comfort your mood. This incredible duo from South America has the formula that keeps my mind alert and my very musical being satisfied like a child with a piece of candy. This is not easy to do.

I can easily hear how Astronomusic is influenced by many of the fusion bands that first turned my head around. But even though I didn’t see this band listed as an influence in their bios, I definitely can hear impressions of my all time favorite Fusion experts “Gentle Giant” in their music. Astronomusic displays expert musicianship, sly musical maneuvers, and very fresh ideas in an art form that has held its head high above the world of bottom feeding commercialism. And these ideals will always be appreciated wherever musical quality is held in a higher respect than fame.

This is a top notch group that I am now planning to add to my favorites. They are powered by Adrianne Simioni on electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel, and violin, and Zozimo Rech on electric and acoustic guitars, synths, and sequencers. These fine musicians seem to have dedicated their lives to the musically adventurous while also pampering the mood swingers who are looking for the next definition of originally. Their sound is worthy of comparison to any Chinese proverb that relates to the balance between the explorers of the world and the earthy passengers of life.

I personally feel that one day this type of dedication to the artistic side of our musical taste buds will prevail. And hopefully when that day comes day those efforts will no longer have to ride in the back seat with our primal heritage that gave us the ability to tap our feet. Instead I can see these elements exchanging shotgun positions and becoming bosom buddies as they ride towards their destinations. I will always be drawn towards a band like Astronomusic that dares to test my tires on the many roads of music.

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