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Musically Speaking: The Safety Net

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JJ Rocks Article # 107: The Safety Net
There seems to be a safety net that defines staying close to home when it comes to creating your own musical sound. It consists of an inner and an outer part of us that reveals our true selves and the images that we project to others. The inner part is chosen mostly by musical artist because its the easiest place to land. And its created from all the styles and influences that we sucked on until our musical egos were pacified. The outer part is generally avoided because there is more of a chance of you landing on your ass if you miss your destination by only a few friends on My Space. But Im happy to report that some of the artists that I hear each week on my site have chosen the edge of the net as their favorite resting spot. And others have tried to conceal it by coming up with new ways to regurgitate sounds that broke grounds many moons ago. Rarely is there someone who aims at higher goals hoping to make them bounce and wind up on the floor standing tall with their arms spread wide in front of a cheering audience.

It is easy to understand why many bands try to play on the safe side of the street, and just attempt to create new recipes from the same old ingredients. Maybe as musicians we are not as unique as we think we are, but its not like its a life or death situation when musical artist take the chance to be different. Even if they fail, their livelihood from playing cover tunes is always there to fall back on if the bill notices turn to red.

It seems like the bands that dont play covers usually have day gigs and are able to break more limbs when it comes to climbing into musical freedom. This never made sense to me because I can remember having to play many obnoxious lounge songs six nights a week just to pay the rent. But I still had the chance to be very experimental on my nights off in small basement studios. So Im guessing that the center of the net has something to do with that whole Stardom thing. And when it comes to the star gazers who are not concerned about breaking new ground, I feel that their priorities are blind to the idea of having an almost immortal musical respect for their efforts. Its easy for anyone to see that materialism rules with most humans on this planet. And the majority of them dont realize the importance of ordinary survival and having the simple and meaningful things in life. I guess if the animal kingdom could talk they could teach us a lot about whats really important. Too bad they cant play music.

But there are still the ones who take the chance to hit the edge of the net and land on their feet. This is what the word innovation is all about. Its rare for a musical artist to take a chance and not give into the store bought cookie cut out designs created by public parameters in order to reach new goals which are normally passed over by the musically meek.

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