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From Kentucky, USA: The Josh DiStefano Quartet

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JJ Rocks Article # 108: From Kentucky, USA: The Josh DiStefano Quartet

I heard some great jazz today that not only came from some very professional sounding players, but they are also four of Americas heroes. The Josh DiStefano Quartet from Kentucky plays jazz that reflects the feelings and recollections of a few good men and the US Armys finest who served in Iraq and Afghanistan while also playing there for the troops. This is an example of true musicianship and dedication that displays the true meaning of music. And that is to communicate your feelings and visions through sounds generated by your musical talents and not for reasons associated with digging into the pockets of the receivers. But when this great jazz quartet does put their music up for sale to those who are not risking their lives overseas, they are making sure that a portion of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warriors Project that helps our injured heroes.

With Josh DiStefano on keys, Steve Monhacey on sax, Kris Kerly on bass, and Brian Archer on drums, this great band is everything but your typical jazz standard group. They display a sense of adventurism that reflects ground breaking bands like The Flecktones, Return to Forever, and several other groups that contain excellent musicians who were not afraid to go where no band has gone before. So when you consider the fact that this incredible musical foursome does not only consist of some of the finest jazz players available to the human ear, but they are also driven to support one of the greatest causes on earth, you will have good reason to visit them at their site listed below! If there was ever a musical star added to the American flag it should be dedicated to the Josh DiStefano Quartet.
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You can hear them at this link: