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From California, USA: Ebony Burks

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JJ Rocks Article # 109: From California, USA: Ebony Burks

With all the music that comes out of LA, the R+B genre must have incredible competition. But there is one young lady from this massive city on the west coast who obviously sleeps easy at nights knowing thats its just a matter of time before she is discovered and placed right up in the front of the modern music scene. Her name is Ebony Burks and she is hot from every angle including vocal quality, compositional skills, looks, and the ability to stay as fresh and current as anyone in her field. These talents have attracted my attention as a writer and its a pleasure to feature her in our publication from paradise!

Ebonys music has the ingredients that allow it to easily crossover form R+B into straight pop and also Hip Hop. Thats because it doesnt bury itself too deep into one particular style that attracts only one type of listener. Instead her songs sound very musically diplomatic and have the ability to unite many twenty first century music lovers. And inside of her recipe of catchy hooks, incredible pitch, and sincere delivery, there is an honesty in her songs that makes them very enjoyable to listen to. I was going to try to pick one particular tune to mention, but since I liked them all Im just going to suggest that you go visit her site at the link below. Im guessing that you will feel the same as I do when it comes to choosing a favorite.

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You can hear her music at this link: