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From Italy: Nello Nicotra

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JJ Rocks Article # 110: From Italy: Nello Nicotra
Musicians that use music as an expression of true art have always gained more respect from me than the ones who use it as a tool for materialistic goals or a platform for the ultimate party. And when perfection wins the gold instead of records being sold its a sign that there is hope on the horizon for the world of music. And with musicians like Nello Nicotra from Cantania, Italy carrying the torch Im sure that the future of artistic and refined music will be bright and secure for all who wish to venture there.

Nello plays double and electric bass and is accompanied by Riccardo Scilpoti on piano. Together they take you on a musical journey through melodic mountains and harmonic heavens that hold you up on a balance beam between classical and very progressive. And the adventure varies in destinations the range from subtle simplicity and intellectual complexities that challenge your musical listening to hang on tight like a rollercoaster ride. Music like this hasnt attracted my attention since the great Gentle Giant who in my opinion was the most artistic musical group of modern times. So if you have a taste for music precision and adventure instead of predatory pop capitalism, you must visit Nello Nicotra at his link below this article! Then you can tell him where you heard about his music and how much this website supports all his hard work.

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