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From England: Renato D' Aiello

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JJ Rocks Article # 111: From England: Renato D' Aiello


Theres a cool jazz breeze blowing out of the UK thats has brought my musical body temperature to just the right level. It has the feel of classic Paul Desmond that romantically entices my melodic mood while it attracts my artistic intellect. And the artist that holds the talents that creates such a beautiful musical environment is Renato D Aiello from London.

Renatos smooth as silk sax playing and awesome compositional skills are combined to create a musical spectrum that any accomplished player will appreciate. And as you listen to his phrases flow from one idea to another you start to realize his never ending fountain of musical skills. I can see myself making an evening out of listening to his music because unlike some weather channel background tracks, Renato has a very professional and mature approach that is well worth your time. I believe that true jazz is definitely being kept alive and well by musical artist like Renato D Aiello.

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Here is a link to his music: