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From Maryland, USA: Lauricia

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JJ Rocks Article # 114:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 25, October, 2008

After I heard the incredible voice of Lauricia I immediately thought she was from a Spanish speaking country whose genre was similar to some of the other great Latin artist that I have reviewed. But after also hearing her sing in English and then reading that she was from my home state of Maryland, I realized that she did not only have the talent and versatility that grabs this writers attention, but also shows a multi cultured approach to her music. And when you include the wonderful compositions, incredible voice, natural beauty, and true emotion to equation it all adds up to her being another proud and shining star in our publication.

The first thing about Lauricias talents that I noticed along with her international flavor was the quality of her performances. Perfection is an understatement. I use that word in reference to her perfect balance between tone and articulation, lyrical delivery, and over all moods that her songs set as they anchored my ears to the speakers. And with her layers of creativity and musical colors, each song held my attention as I kept replaying samples of her work. She is a true artist that will be very well known one day. Its just a matter of time before her songs wind up on the pop charts and her name is a household word.

So lets all welcome Lauricia to our family of independent musicians by visiting her site at the link below and listening to some samples of her music. Im sure that you will want to tell her how good she is!

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