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From Turkey: Tanar

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JJ Rocks Article # 115: From Turkey: Tanar

One of my strongest inspirations to write my reviews are the idea of them making international connections for musicians around the world. I try to make it an avenue for those wanting what lies beyond the great wall of pop culture, rock n roll diehards, finicky alternative remakes of 60s folk music, and any other vibrations that take commercially funded rides upon our air waves. But there is a phenomenal musical artist from Turkey named Tanar who is a shining example of true ethnic authenticity, musical expertise and versatility, and a true keeper of the flame thats lights the corridors of his musical traditions.

When I first clicked onto his link in our guestbook and heard his music, I couldnt concentrate on anything else around me. I felt like I had just entered a new musical dimension that held me captive in a way that could only be described as a person who was hungry for something that he never ate, and then entered a room full of exotic delicacies and tasteful melodic adventures. And it was severed up with intervals that I have never even dreamed about when playing my guitar and trying my best to come up with original sounding phrases. Tanars music has opened that file in the musical part of my brain and the emotional part of my heart that is labeled The real deal.

While Tanar sings lead vocal and plays Soprano sax, divan, bagla ma, 12 string guitar, ud, and cumbus, he is also accompanied by Anton Tamir, Benito Ouwendijk, Naim Avci, Siyavash Yazdanifar, Carlo Strazzante, Nicolas Nazluhanian, Nicolas Hauzeur, Alex Eind, Ashok Pathak, and many more players who all sound like masters of their instruments. They play together like members of a symphony that is unheard by most of our readers, and I feel so proud to promote the level of talent that Tanar and his musicians represent. They are just more proof that the world is smaller than we think and its just our closed minds that wont allow us to share our true talents.

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You can hear his music at this link: