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From Missouri, USA: The Leo Project

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JJ Rocks Article # 117: From Missouri, USA: The Leo Project

To me, this band represents what a rock band of the new century should sound like. With almost nuclear powered walls of sound packaged in vintage tones, top shelf rhythms, and superb vocals, this band from Kansas City Missouri has all the bases covered when it comes to capturing this writers heart and soul. They give me a renewed faith in modern day rock music while at the same time raise the hairs on the back of my neck. This great group of musical artist who are now one of my favorites is called The Leo Project so be prepared to be knocked off your feet!

Its hard to say what captured my attention first as I listened to their music. Maybe it was the vintage Marshall Tone that sounded so natural and not cluttered by effects pedals. Or it could have been the incredible vocals that leaped from my speakers with incomparable emotion. Then again it may have been the very high level drumming that reached out and grabbed me by the balls. I guess it doesnt matter when you consider that its the band as a whole that I am writing about. Because with out the over all formula of The Leo Project, I would be only writing about the ingredients. This band is a true unit! And that purpose is to slam your ass to the wall with not only true musical expertise, but raw and timeless emotion, tone, and pounding rhythm that sets the bar for the highest level of rock music.

So I am very proud to have The Leo Project as part of our musical family. Now be prepared to hold on to your seat!
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You can hear them at this link: