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From Sweden: Echodeck

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JJ Rocks Article # 119: From Sweden: Echodeck

Every once in a while I hear a band that is based on building themes and moods, but most of them are too generic to write about. Just because a band stacks layer upon layer of ideas does not make them special, but there is always the exception. And this time it is Echodeck from Sweden. They manage to reach goals that other theme bands only dream about. Their sound is like a journey into artistic musical destinations that travel through valleys and over mountains of melodic landscapes. It takes me away from the every day sonic vibrations that come across the airwaves and that is a relief that I can appreciate!

I think that it is the pace that they move through along with their seemingly never ending layers of musical thoughts and feelings that holds my attention. It is as if they know just when to change from one section to the next that accommodates my musical pleasures and needs. But how can it be so personal? The only way that I can explain it is that Echodeck knows just when to enter every new musical dimension that they experience so it has a human connection that is very palatable to everyones taste. This is a musical element that is hard to find, but also easy to accept which makes a formula that I hold in the highest respect.

Anyone who is thinking about making a film that requires music that sets moods and stirs intellects should listen to Echodeck because their music brings forth visual images while also challenging our everyday concept of how modern music should sound.

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