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From Italy: Hot Tune

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JJ Rocks Article # 120:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 26, Novemeber, 2008
There comes a time when all musical ears should try to venture to the unknown and put their trust in a group that has the rocket power to take them to destinations that were previously unknown in their imaginations. This band is not only for the musically adventurous, but for the harmonically and rhythmically challenged. They seem to exist for the soul purpose of musical and technical exploration whose goals are to free us from the mundane and open up the windows to allow a fresh and yet unheard breezes of coolness. This musical phenomenon is from Italy and they are called Hot Tune.

When I listen to this adventurous group of musicians I am reminded of music that I used to listen to when I wanted something to fuse all my inner emotions together. Although I wont compare this great band to anyone else, I will emphasize the word freedom when it comes to describing their music. But as many musicians know, the word freedom is not a license to take musical reckless drives into the unknown without meaning. But I am happy to say that Hot Tune knows exactly where they are going when it comes to being our musical chauffeurs into new and undiscovered territory.

Now when you add to the facts that these musicians have a very high level of instrumental expertise, the package is complete and ready to ship to your ears without the worry of getting lost in progressive musical red tape. Trust me, take the journey and you will realize that there is another world outside of what you normally listen to.

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