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Muiscally Speaking: Hurricanes

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JJ Rocks Article # 121:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 26, November, 2008
Sometimes in our lives there seems to be a hurricane that comes in and blows everything away and we are left with nothing but our thoughts, feelings, and very few material possessions. And some of us see it as a major tragedy on the road to higher places, and others see it like a snake shedding its skin in order to start over again with a new outlook. Either way, a price is paid because even if the gains out weigh the losses; there are scars that never leave your memory and your soul.

To some this hurricane may be on a personal or family level, and to musicians it may be a complete change of thought that at first turned you against your previous way of thinking. But either way, you found yourself swimming in new waters that were a little cooler than before and there is something definitely good about that. But of course for every new side of the coin there is an opposite side that lingers in your past constantly trying to pull you back to a lower level where your memories overcome your dreams. Welcome to the world of Yin Yang. This is life so get used to it.

The point of this article is strength and if you have enough to overcome the past and look to the future. There will never be a time when your nightmares of the past will overcome your outlook for the future as long as you realize that the future is new and the past is old. Memories are set in stone and that means that they are unmovable. But the future has all the flexibility that you allows it to have the ball in your court. So don’t let any hurricanes blow away your dreams. Just wake up the next day and clear away the braches that should have been trimmed anyway.

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