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From Pennsylvania, USA: Our After

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JJ Rocks Article # 123: From Pennsylvania, USA: Our After

I always like hearing a new approach to rock music when it reflects many elements from the past to the present, powerful to soft, happy to angry, and straight ahead to experimental. And then packages it in a tightly rapped format that explodes upon opening! This band has a powerful recipe that stretches the imagination and touches your emotions while slamming you to the wall at the same time. This band is Our After from Pennsylvania, USA.

Even though this great east coast group seems to lean towards modern day rock, I cant help but hear their desire to break new ground through a uniqueness that shines like the icing on their musical cake. But their adventurism never leaves home base far enough to clutter up the drive and musical communication that are the carriers of the meaning of who they really are. And to me, that appears to be a rock band that wants to connect with the everyday person who loves to let their hair down, impress the ones who seek new frontiers, and hold their heads up in pride because of an over all musicianship and vocal abilities that jump right out of your speakers and bite you on the ass.

Its very rare that we mention or critique any particular song from a band that we write about. In fact, we dont criticize at all. Thats because if we cant brag about a band in general, and have to find a certain song of theirs just so we can say nice things, then they wont show up in this publication. So with that in mind, all you have to do is remember the name Our After from Pennsylvania and that will guide you to the whole package, not just little pieces. And believe me, once you open it, you wont be looking for details. You will be too busy holding your breath and the arms of your chair.
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