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From Houston Texas, USA: Viviid

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JJ Rocks Article # 124: From Texas, USA: Viviid

Its nice to hear a group that keeps up on modern day sounds and still make it fresh. Thats hard to do when you realize that a sound is modern because everyone is doing it. So my hat is off to a group of young ladies from Houston Texas who is staying right on top of things and keeping it real and uncluttered while maintaining a true professional approach.

Consisting of Danica, age 17, Brandy, age 16, and Karina, age 17, Vivid has very polished and tasty vocals with a modern day Hip Hop vibe mixed with a silky smooth classic R+B flavor. And when you add the fact they are very beautiful it has to add up to a major record deal one day. I can just imagine their music pumping out of radios from high school parking lots, and passing cool cars on their way to hot dates. This is definitely musical youth at its finest and its only a matter of time until they are a household name.

When I went to myspace to visit them after they checked into our guestbook (on our old site) I knew right away they were destine to grace our pages here in paradise. And as I studied their profile I kept clicking the mouse to replay their songs while I cranked up the sound for my neighbors to hear. As a matter of fact one of them came to the door and said Who is that singing? I said Its Viviid and they looked at me as if they were supposed to see something! I said Viviid is the name of the group that you are listening to and they are going to be in our next article. They told Dorothy and I that they would tell their friends about it.

So with that in mind, I hope that our readers in 95 countries will tell their friends about this very professional sounding group of fine young ladies from the lone star state.

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Here is a link to their music: