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From New Jersey, USA,The Bad Scene

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JJ Rocks Article # 130:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 28, January 2009
Ive always been fond of bands that do a good job of crossing Reggae with Rock music. And of course there are many out there who try but just dont make the grade. But Im happy to say that The Bad Scene from New Jersey nails it to the wall with not only a great formula, but superb musicianship and vocals.

Its not easy to have a full sound with a three piece band without constantly using heavy overdrive on the guitar. So in order to keep it clean the band must have a great drummer and bassist to fill out the sound. And this fine group from just north of my hometown has definitely got it together! All bases are covered when it comes to not only having great original material, but solid musical chops and professional taste. This makes up a powerhouse package of very magnetic sounds that pull your fingers directly to the volume control on your sound system. Crank it up!

So if you like The Police or any other great Reggae / Rock type of band you will love The Bad Scene. And with Fabio laying down some monster drums with incredible tones, Mario playing very fine and tasteful guitar while executing top notch vocals, and Adrian keeping the bass where it should be as the perfect link between the other players, this band will bring you a nice breath of fresh air in a world that sometimes is too smogged up with over used distortion boxes and one dimension musical minds.

We are proud to welcome The Bad Scene to our family of musicians that make this publication shine like sun that lights up our little paradise island. And we urge you to visit them at their link listed below and listen to some really refreshing music. Happy New Year to The Bad Scene!

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