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From Missouri, USA: One Degree Difference

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JJ Rocks Article # 131: From Kansas City, Missouri, USA:
One Degree Difference

Boy do I love a rock band that slams me like a bulldozer in a snowstorm! And this powerful group from Kansas City Missouri has left me gasping for air. They are not just a heavy rock band with volume that pounds into my head, but have the finesse and class of a progressive band, and still not too artsy that only musicians will appreciate them. Their sound is modern day, but with a classic edge that makes them just what the rock doctor ordered.

One Degree Difference has a wide variety of textures, grooves, and especially dynamics that shake the mangoes in my musical tree. And as I sit in our garden here in paradise I have them blasting through my screens from inside our little cottage and for some reason the sun seems brighter and the shade feels cooler. Thats how good their music sounds and I know that my neighbors must be groovin with it also.

I must say that this great band really captures my interest like a fly caught in a spiders web. Their ever changing themes and multi directional approach to their arrangements keep my ears glued to the speakers. And when you add the fact that they have very earthy and emotional vocals, fantastic instrumentation, and addictive compositions, One Degree Difference makes all the difference in the world.

With Steve on vocals, W2 on bass, Miah on guitar, and Ryan on drums, this group of super talents creates a recipe that has all the taste of a musical meal fit for a rock n roll king and an audience of faithful followers.

So lets all pay them a visit at their link below and tell them just how much a band like One Degree Difference means in a world where much of the other rock music is becoming stagnate and cant hold a candle to their accomplishments. Welcome this great band from Missouri to our family of independent musicians and wish each one of them a very happy New Year. They definitely deserve it!

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You can listen to them at this link: