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From Brazil: Luciano Magno

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JJ Rocks Article # 132:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 28,January 2009
It isnt often that I get the chance to write about someone that I would call a guitar extraordinaire. So this is an article that I as a guitarist am very proud to publish. And as I am typing away I cant help but to hear his ever flowing smooth lines in my head. I can honestly say that I can now add someone new to my list of guitar heroes.

Luciano Magno is an incredible guitarist from Brazil whos playing is absolutely breathtaking! His phrasing is superb and full of taste and has all the flavor of a fine South American coffee. Great technique and flawless execution is an understatement when it comes to describing this well seasoned musician. And I often have to remind myself to not overuse adjectives as Im trying to paint you a musical picture of this mans great talents. All I can say is that if you love guitar playing at its finest you must listen to Luciano Magno!

When you visit him on his site that is listed below you will notice that in some of his songs he lays back and lets the band breathe and show their abilities without being self over indulgent. But if you are looking for the smoking guitar, I suggest that you check out Frevo Magico and Explodindo No Frevo. But first get a tight grip on the arms of your chair because this man will floor you if you are not holding on!

Along with his incredible playing, you will hear very polished arrangements and high level compositions that deliver the entire package that you ordered from your guitar player dream catalog. Trust me on this one, you wont be sorry.
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