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From London, UK: Damon

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JJ Rocks Article # 133:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 28,January 2009
There is a very cool solo artist from London, UK that is dishing some very high polished straight ahead pop music that has gained the attention of this little publication from paradise. I was instantly drawn to his no nonsense approach and strong delivery to a sound that will probably become one of the 21st centurys most popular music. And along with his high level vocals and catchy compositions, Damon definitely has what it takes to attract people to a dance floor like bees to a flower.

I particularly enjoyed his use of many musical textures within his songs. The arrangements are simple but still adventurous leaving the listener wanting to set there mp3 players on repeat. I really think that Damon has what it takes to break into the pop market as long as his music is heard by the right connections. And I also see possibilities for him in the movie industry as I picture a scene in a dance club where the producers are looking for that kind of popular sound but still want something original.

So please make him feel at home as a new member of our musical family in paradise by visiting his site at the link below. Im sure that there are many listeners and independent band supporters that would like to encourage him with his fine efforts. He really deserves it.

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