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From Denmark: Tim schou

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JJ Rocks Article # 134:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 28, January 2009
This article features a very nice and fresh approach to the over beaten Pop Rock genre. To say the least that makes me very happy as a publisher and writer who knows he has to do a monthly venture into that style and most of the time comes up short. Thats because everybody seems to want to copy everyone else. But that is not the case with Tim Schou from Denmark.

Tim has vocals that break the boundary lines of every day pop boredom and compositional twist and turns that hold you spellbound. And with rollercoaster rides of melodic and lyrical adventures, he delivers a down to earth, yet original concept that includes a no nonsense musical approach and an artistic edge that blend together perfectly. This music is definitely now and not a rehash of want to be clones of a modern pop era.

Magnetic is an understatement when it comes to describing Tims way of blending just the right ingredients of a catchy formula, inventive compositional skills, just the right amount of emotion, and musical exploration that keeps my fingers typing. It makes my heart warm to know that someone out there is trying to give pop a fresh coat of paint and Tim Schou is a true master of his art.

With Tim Schou on vocals and guitars, Aske Damm on bass and vocals, Sebastian Vinther on guitars and vocals, and Esben Snave on drums and vocals, they have joined together to make a blend of fine musicianship and true attention to detail. This sets the foundation that Tims music can be launched from and reach a united goal. You cant ask for more than that.

We would like to welcome Tim Schou and his very polish group of musicians to our little publication from paradise. And with music like theirs jumping from our pages, we wont be small for long. Please take a moment to visit Tim and his wonderful band from Denmark at the link below.

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