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From Baltimore, Maryland, USA: Tony Sciuto

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JJ Rocks Article # 138: From Baltimore, Maryland, USA: Tony Sciuto

I can remember my first full time band and playing at the Baltimore Playboy Club when I was 17 years old. And one of the first lessons that I learned about who was great in my home town was discovering the name Tony Sciuto. Even though I was playing with some great musicians at the time they still said you have to go see Tony Sciuto and his brother Mike (who I will write about at a later time). And when I finally did see these incredible players I was blown away!

In this article I want to focus on Tony because he has accomplished so much when it comes to being a fantastic singer, tasteful guitarist and keyboardist, fine composer, and also a member of the Little River Band.

When I first saw him perform and noticed all the people around him on the bands break, I said to myself this guy probably wont want to talk to me. But when I introduced myself he was very warm and friendly and remained that way through many years. Tony is one of those guys that you know has star quality as soon as you walk into a room and hear him play and watch him on stage. He even has the looks of someone who should be very famous.

As I moved up to some of the better bands in the Baltimore area Tony Sciuto always seemed to still be at the top of the heap when it comes to respect and notoriety in that great musical town by the bay. And I can say without a doubt that this article is one that I am honored to write because Tony has always been a legend to me and part of my musical history.

This great musical creator has a fusion of many of my favorite bands in his style. And his voice is up there with Billy Joel, Paul McCartney, Donald Fagan, and Stevie Wonder. But thats only recognizable to me as his influences because his own songs have great originality and are creative, catchy, well balanced, and very professional.

It has always been a great mystery to me why Tony Sciuto is not already an international household name. And even though he did have a solo album that made him rather famous in Japan for a time, I cant believe that he didnt go word wide. He has all the makings of a pop star, but for some reason he just hasnt been able to grab hold of the top of the music business latter. This just goes to show all of you independent artist out there that its just not a matter of talent, but who you know in the music industry and having them stand behind you for the long haul. I personally think that Tony is still going to go all the way because he has the determination that goes hand and hand with his incredible abilities. Its just a matter of time.

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