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From Tennessee, USA: Jaime Thietten

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JJ Rocks Article # 139: From Tennessee, USA: Jaime Thietten

With the many request from independent artist around the world its very rare that we come across a singer that sounds like they are already famous, but we just never heard of them. I even said to Dorothy are you sure this is an independent singer? At first I couldnt believe the young lady that I am writing about is not already an international recording artist that for some reason accidentally showed up in our guest book. But to my amazement she actually requested us to review her music. So you can only imagine the thrill that runs through my finger tips as I type out my thoughts about one of the greatest singers that have ever graced our pages. Jaime Thietten is God send and we just happened to be fortunate enough as publishers of a tiny publication from paradise to be on the receiving end.

I can remember standing outside under one of our Christmas palms and hearing this incredible voice carrying through the Caribbean breeze. At first I though it was an artist that Dorothy was playing from her favorites collection. And when I came into the house and said who is that? She is great! She said Thats Jaime Thietten and you are going to write about her! Well, that was one decision that immediately had no argument from me.

Jaime sings in the Christian genre and her voice seems to come from deep within not only her soul and the true beliefs in what she is singing about, but also shines like a new star on the horizon. I read in her bio that some people see her as the Celine Dion of the Christian music scene. But I personally think that even though that description may be a compliment, is not as complimentary as one might think. As we all know the vocalist that she is compared to is a very accomplished singer, Jaime Thietten is a star that shines on her own and has an individual style that is like no one else. But hey, when greatness comes along its only human nature to compare an artist with someone else so listeners have a foundation to launch from. But the bottom line is that Jaime Thietten stands on her own ground.

So we are so prod to feature such an incredible singer in our tropical website. We will definitely send her URL to our connections in Nashville. And please feel free to visit her at the link listed below. This is one true talent that our readers in 64 countries should not pass up. She is at the top of the musical food chain and demands attention. It doesnt get any better than this.

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Here is a link to her music: