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From Italy: Carlo Fimiani

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JJ Rocks Article # 140:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 29, February, 2009
I have always had a fondness for great jazz/fusion artist. And this very accomplished guitarist from Salerno, Italy has all the ingredients that any lover of this genre could possibly dream of. And with chops that rival Alan Holdsworth and several others of the worlds greatest fusion creators, Carlo Fimiani captures the attention of this writer like no other independent fusion artist in the history of our musical publication from paradise.

Carlos music will take you trough a rollercoaster of unique groove changes that are highlighted by extreme solo instrumental virtuosity that will make your eyes open wide and your ears glued to the speakers. And with his unpredictable opening of new musical doors at every turn, each one of his compositions can wind up holding you spellbound by the unexpected.

The music of Carlo Fimiani is the ultimate ear candy for anyone who demands an intellectual compositional approach combined with gut wrenching rhythmic magnetism and flawless technique.

So we welcome Carlo to our growing family of worldwide independent artist and we would like you to visit his site at the link listed below. I definitely have to get his CD into my favorites collection. It will be cherished.

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