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From Leeds, UK: Captainwilberforce

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JJ Rocks Article # 141:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 29, Frbruary, 2009
Sometimes we discover an artist that makes me sink deep into a comfortable chair and know that my time is well spent. There are great musical sound waves that we receive and this very refined singer/songwriter from Leeds, UK has grabbed our attention and was recognized like a breath of fresh air. His name is Simon Bristoll aka Captainwilberforce and it is a pleasure to write about him.

Melodic, adventurous, precise, poetic, and mood setting are just a few words to describe the recipe that Captainwilberforce has been cooking up from across the great pond. I could immediately hear a combination of his influences that joined together with uniqueness and originality. They have a perfect balance between classic impressions and deep footprints into new musical territories.

His voice sounds familiar yet new at the same time. And with the pitch and texture of true professionalism, he holds on tight to your ears through each one of his compositions. Captainwilberforce sets many moods throughout each track while he displays perfection in designing all the contents of his musical package that is delivered right on time.

Lets all welcome Simon Bristoll/Captainwilberforce to our musical family that now resides in paradise. And you can visit him at his link below to show him your love.

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