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Musically Speaking : What majoer labels are looking for

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JJ Rocks Article # 142: What major labels are looking for
Here at The Spotlight Zone we get so many requests from great bands wanting us to pass their music on to our connections. This a great honor for Dorothy and I, and it is a pleasure to write try to help them if possible. But we can only tell you what we have learned from record company executives that are in the very highest positions to give their opinions on new talent.

Just the fact that a band has great musicianship and vocals is not enough in these competitive times to get signed to a major label. They are not looking for another AC DC, Garth Brooks, or any other band that already exist. Those bands already made their statements. It is your originality and commercial interest along with musical and vocal expertise that draws the attention of the people that can market your sound and possibly make you famous.

Now just being different is not the answer. Your music must be appreciated by the masses of every day listeners but still be unique. Its like walking a musical balance beam where one side is originality and the other is a common ground that all listeners can connect with. If you lean too much to one side you can either be heard as too weird or too common. But somewhere in the middle is a balance that pleases all concerned including the average every day music lover and the experts at the top of the music success food chain.

So the formula sounds easy. But trust me on this one, this recipe is one that bands from all around the world are trying every day, and many are still not nailing it. And if you need some examples just think of bands like the Police, The Cars, Journey, Dave Mathews Band, and of course, The Beatles. Now it doesnt sound that easy!

So many bands think that they have what it takes because they sound like someone already famous and their lucky day just hasnt come yet. But please remember that the information that I am giving you came right from the top of the record company industry (look in my photo section). So even if you have to pay your bills playing covers, dont let that bleed over too much into your original goals. We are all influenced by our heroes, but there is a major difference between being influenced by someone and copying them.

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