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From New York, USA: Banooba

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JJ Rocks Article # 144:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 30 March, 2009
There is definitely something great to be said about a band that brings a party atmosphere to any musical venue. And Banooba from New York, New York, has what it takes to lift up the spirits (and shirts) of any bar crowd. And when ever they visit St. Croix it brings back memories of the early 80s when one local bar would import bands from the states and pack the room for island listeners who were hungry to party, and tired of the everyday Jimmy Buffet imitators. Those days seemed to be gone but now revived with a band that reflects those memories of days of long ago.

I was fortunate enough to have been the leader of the very first full concert type of rock band to play on St. Croix (16 weeks per gig) many years ago. So I find it very cool to write about a band that is forcing history to repeat itself. And as the crowds of people jam in to see Banooba at local St. Croix bars, it always warms my heart to see that those days gone by are being brought back by a band that has every reason to be respected for their efforts and talents. And even though the clubs dont run music or have packed rooms 5 nights a week like before, I can still see the same looks on the faces of the younger and newer bar crowds on the weekends when Banooba comes to town.

This band has all the energy that is needed to bring our locals to their feet and screaming with pleasure. And with their touch of funk and taste of garage infused with 70s type duel guitar harmonies, Banooba has what it takes to be a great party band. But that is just one short description.

With killer vocals and tightness that can only be defined as perfection, this band from the city that never sleeps will have you waking up on the next morning looking in the newspaper wondering where they are playing next. I guess I can say that the word Banooba and party go hand in hand.

Their original music seems to have many influences but yet still striving for their own unique sound. And this writer, who has given up life on the road along with being a former producer at Gold Star in Hollywood (A+M Records), thinks that its just a matter of time until they have these influences boiled down to be totally original enough to attract the attention of our connections (Some of the biggest in the world that youll see on our homepage). But then again, with the many bands out there now who are being signed because they sound so much like a blend of their heroes, Banoobas chance could be right around the corner.

I have all the confidence in Banooba and know that its just a matter of time until they land a major deal with someone who is in the same league as the record company legends that we are affiliated with. With Kevin Torres on Guitar and vocals, Sean larkin on guitar, Kevin Sloan on bass and vocals, Pete Cunningham on drums (I love his snare sound), and Ryan OConner on lead vocals, they have all the ingredients for a recipe that will cook up any dance crowd. And Im sure that they will always be welcomed by not only the people of St. Croix, but anyone who is out to have a great time with a great band.
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