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From Oaklahoma, USA: Chris Bayne

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JJ Rocks Article # 145: From Oklahoma, USA: Chris Bayne

In these times on two handed high velocity guitar scale players, it’s very refreshing to hear someone who still treats the word melody with respect and is not only concerned with being a technical exhibitionist. But Chris Bayne seems to have respectfully declined the concern of showing his chops as if they were hanging in a musical meat market. He concentrates more on the value of his personal delivery of a much more tasteful and musical product. And with his combination of smooth well paced solos and harmonically rich jazz chord voicings, this great guitarist from Lawton, Oklahoma has this writer continuously clicking on each one of his lush and tasteful compositions.

I was immediately drawn to his phrasing and attention to detail and articulation. Chris is one of those rare jazz musicians who seem to approach a song with the intention of making it a complete journey of musical interest and not a fast food take out platter. Every piece has a theme that is delivered in a complete package of well though out sections that contains layers of intellectual musicianship and down to earth emotion.

In my opinion, good jazz should contain elements that do not only show modern creativity, but also should express traditional jazz values that have made this genre Americas very own classical music. And Chris Bayne definitely has the right recipe for me to want his music in my collection and to be part of our ever growing family of independent artist.

So please visit him at his link below this article and sit back and enjoy the smooth, well disciplined, and melodic concepts of this very fine musician and accomplished guitarist. And as we continuously strive to expose the very best in the independent music world, Chris Bayne is a shining example of the kind of musicianship that keeps our wheels turning.

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Here is a link to his music: