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From Saskatchewan, Canada: Into the Next

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JJ Rocks Article # 146:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 30 March, 2009
As cold as it is in the far north right now, I have a picture in my head of this very powerful band playing at one of their local venues and the snow melting on the parking lot outside the club. And its from the energy coming off the stage thats heating up the crowd. And as the people exit at the end of the evening, the electric aura that covers them must be enough to start their cars with even turning the key. This kind of experience is without a doubt conveyed to the listeners and fans of Into the Next from Saskatchewan, Canada.

As a writer Im particularly fond of the blend of musical elements, including rock, industrial, and sometimes very experimental ingredients contained in the recipes of this very professional group. Into the Next displays an explosive grooving power that coexists with intelligent, colorful intervals laced with high level vocals and top notch instrumentation. And their ballads express true emotion and heartfelt lyrics surrounded by the tones of natural acoustical wood and steel. This great combination of elements takes you on a ride that has many twists and turns along with subtle stops at musical and emotional turnstiles.

With Gerald Brisson on lead vocals and guitar, Fred Stephenson on drums, Christian Cordeiro on Lead guitar, and Jason Cullen on bass and backup vocals, Into the Next is well worth your musical time. Just visit them at their link below, hold on to your chair, crank it up!

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