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From Liverpool, England: Hudson Fall

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JJ Rocks Article # 147: From Liverpool, England: Hudson Fall

I love a band that still gives respect to plush vocal harmonies and an overall great pop feel while still showing attention to details and dimensions in their arrangements. And this very polished group from Liverpool, England, definitely puts in the time that is required to keep their genre alive and well. There are no harsh three chord jams here. This is the real deal when it comes to a great modern pop band with all the right stuff. So I am proud to present the group Hudson Fall to all of our members and friends.
In previous website they said that they are influences by The Beatles, but not so far as mimicking the Fab Four. I can hear many ingredients in their music but my favorite is their intent to show multi layers of melodic concepts and harmonic pastels. This is a band of many pop culture colors that shine bright in the ever dulling approaches to their genre. Hudson Fall holds their torches high in a respect to the idea of continuing a musical tradition that keeps our ears glued to the speakers. And at the same time they show an independence and crafty musicianship that step over the unpolished stones of bands who are only trying to make it across the river.

This is a shining example of what pop music is all about. And the description of being the same, and being different at the same time always come to my mind when I hear a band that communicates in an every day language, but still holds on to their own individuality. This is not an easy task, and the ingredients of their music make me want to have one of their CDs in my collection.

So lets all welcome Hudson Fall to our ever growing family of word wide independent artist by visiting their link below. This is one click that you will be happy about.

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You can listen to them at this link: