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From St. Croix Virgin Islands: Jahnee Red Locks

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JJ Rocks Article # 151:
From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 30 March,2009
Every year we have an artist who visits us here in paradise that we all love to go to the beach clubs and listen to. His style of reggae has a bit more flavor than many of the bands who sometimes beat this very enjoyable genre into the ground by playing the same 3 chords, and trying to sing 15 different songs over them. But not Jahnee Red Locks. His songs all have a slightly different feel and texture that keeps the afternoon interesting as the vibes that he and his band create reflect off the listeners like the sun bouncing off the Caribbean Sea.

The last time that we saw his band I can remember feeling the bottom end of the bass and hearing the crack of rim shots as we were getting out of our car across the street. And as we entered a bar out west, you could feel the vibes in the air and see the smiles on peoples faces that were grooving to their sound. It was the perfect setting for a Sunday afternoon in paradise.

With Jahnee Red Locks on guitar and vocals, Katalyss on keys and vocals, Hayba on bass and Steve Davis on drums, this band has the right stuff when it comes to entertaining our local and visiting crowds. And as far as this writer and many of our locals are concerned, Jahnee and his group of fine musicians are welcome to visit us anytime and bring their very polished style of reggae to our wonderful island. So if you are visiting and get the chance to see them play, just tell them that St. Croix Music Magazine sent you. We have already adopted them as part of our family.

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