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From Hollywood, California, USA: Oh No Not Stereo

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JJ Rocks Article # 152:
From Hollywood, California, USA: Oh No Not Stereo
Wow! As our regular readers will know, this is the very first article on an independent band that I have ever started out with one word. Thats because its the only word that I could think of to use when it comes to describing Oh No Not Stereo form Hollywood, California. Skyler Nielsen and Mykul Lee have come up with a formula, or should I say formulas for an alternative/rock sound that has me returning to their site on a regular basis and cranking up the volume.

Their multi layered arrangements that mix simplicity, complexity, catchy hooks, and outstanding vocals have all the ingredients needed to open the ears of any listener. And unlike many up and coming bands, Oh No Not Stereo does not carbon copy their sound from one song to another. Each tantalizing track has a melodic and compositional magnetism that draws you in and holds you firmly in place until the last note rings. This, my friends, is what makes musical independence and artistic endeavors hold hands like two teens on their first date.

I personally am attracted to their blend of powerful delivery, appetizing melodic recipes, and some of the most inventive instrumental interludes that have ever found their way to our little publication from paradise. Creativeness is an understatement and perfection appears to be the constant goal of these two musical geniuses who wont say no to climbing up to the next rung on the ladder of musical achievements.

I am honored to write this article about Oh No Not Stereo and I know for sure that you will understand my views when you visit them at their link below. When I get their CD Im probably going to feel like a kid opening a Christmas present. Im sure that you will feel the same way when you get one.

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Here is a link to their music: