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From Pennsylvania, USA: The Dirk Quinn Band

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JJ Rocks Article # 153: From Pennsylvania, USA: The Dirk Quinn Band

As much as I love jazz, sometimes there are groups out there that use this great style only as an excuse to show off their individual chops. But every once in a while a band of compositional minded masters cook up just the right recipe where the aromas of inventiveness share the stage with incredible instrumental virtuosity. So with that in mind please allow me to introduce you to some giants of their genre, the Dirk Quinn Band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Melodic inspirations mixed with sizzling grooves are the foundation from which great solos are launched by the members of this fine band. And each of their improvisational adventures will take you to the highest creative level that any musician could be reaching for. The many musical colors and textures glowing from the Dirk Quinn Band will keep you playing track after track and being thankful that you have their CD in your collection.

With Dirk Quinn on guitar, Mike Borowski on keys, Joe Baldacci on drums, Chris Aschman on Trumpet and steel drums, Elliott Levin on sax and flute, and Stephen Kurt playing incredible bass, you will definitely have their music sitting right next to your other favorite CDs where its easy to find when you are in the mood to hear the very best.

I also know that you will want to visit them at their link below and welcome them to our family of independent musicians from around the world. This is the kind of group that keeps our motor running and convinced that the very best are yet to be discovered.

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You can listen to them at this link: