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From Jamaica: Bassie Dee

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JJ Rocks Article # 154: From Jamaica: Bassie Dee

Carrying on a musical culture in a way that it maintains all the authenticity and tradition of its roots is always something that I hold in the highest respect. Reggae artist Bassie Dee from St. Anns, Jamaica has a way of combining strong roots Reggae and a catchy up to date freshness that keeps you coming back for more. And with a wide variety of grooves combined with down to earth lyrics, his music sets the perfect Caribbean mood that is packaged together with a creative aura that shines like a tropical sun on crystal blue waters.

Living in paradise I am surrounded by island music. Sometimes this makes it a tough job to write about musicians in that genre. But with Bassie Dees music just at the other end of a click on my computer, I find it very east to type out these words. His simple, but tasteful approaches to delivering his sounds are complimented by heart felt lyrics that ring like a dinner bell for hungry Reggae fans. And as I listen to his tracks I feel like Im in a boat on calm waters that holds its course while being surrounded by smooth glassy reflections of sincerity, and soft rolling waves of emotional pulses.

When it comes to true Reggae, Bassie Dee is the real deal. As true as the day is long, his music has no intention of taking your ears into an over blended mix of genres that have a lot of slashes in their titles. He stays on the path that is intended to keep you in the right direction. This is no nonsense, down to earth Reggae that has no plans of flying away from its roots. Feel free to take the flight with me and visit him at the link below.

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You can hear him at this link: